Luiz Fux

Luiz Fux () is a Brazilian judge. He was appointed justice minister of the Supreme Federal Court by President Dilma Rousseff and had his nomination approved by the Senate. He is of Romanian Jewish extraction, and the first Jewish Brazilian member of the Court. He was a minister of the Superior Court of Justice before assuming his position at the Supreme Court.

In an interview with Folha de S.Paulo December 2, 2012, justice Fux revealed details of the lobbying effort that preceded his nomination to the Supreme Court by President Dilma Rousseff. Among his requests for political support, he included José Dirceu, the disgraced Chief of Staff of President Lula, still an influential figure in the ruling Workers Party (PT), even after being accused in the Mensalão scandal. In several meetings, they discussed the forthcoming criminal trial in the Supreme Court, and decided the fate of those indicted in that corruption scandal. José Dirceu interpreted the conversations as a promise of acquittal by would-be justice. Once a member of the court, Justice Fux sided with the majority, voting to condemn most defendants, including José Dirceu himself. Provided by Wikipedia
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